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Ketone bodies cause inflammation? I call BS

In a few of the papers I’ve read, some authors have expressed the notion that ketone bodies can actually cause inflammation, and this may be an explanation for why the keto rash occurs.

Most recently I read this in the study looking at prurigo pigmentosa in 50 koreans:

Ketone bodies cause inflammation BS1


Like I mentioned before, this idea really piqued my curiosity so I headed on over to the references and saw:

Ketone bodies cause inflammation BS2

Fantastic!  I now had a resource I could turn to.  I went ahead and found this paper published in Diabetes & Metabolism in 2005 on Pubmed and discovered that luckily it was a free article. … Read More

Keto Rash in 49 Koreans

Keto Rash in 49 KoreansNow this may sound familiar, especially since I just wrote a post on another study where they analyzed the keto rash in 50 koreans, and I myself had to do a double take because this was published in the same year as the other study… but after reading the paper itself, I can reassure that it is a completely separate study.  While the country is the same, the authors are different, the journal is different, and the patients are different (although there may be some overlap, I’ll explain why).… Read More

Prurigo Pigmentosa vs Confluent and Reticulated Papillomatosis

Prurigo Pigmentosa and CARP

This is just a letter to the editor in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology reporting a single case published in 2013.

Is prurigo pigmentosa an inflammatory version of confluent and reticulated papillomatosis?

The case was of a 24 year old white male with a 2 week history of itchy rash on his back, chest, and abdomen.

He was first treated with both oral and topical corticosteroids to no effect.  A skin biopsy was performed and he was diagnosed with prurigo pigmentosa.

Unfortunately they do not go into potential causes of the rash in this patient (ie fasting, dieting, weight loss, etc.), but since this is a letter to the editor, it’s not subject to the same scientific rigor as regular journal articles.… Read More