Ketone bodies cause inflammation? I call BS

In a few of the papers I’ve read, some authors have expressed the notion that ketone bodies can actually cause inflammation, and this may be an explanation for why the keto rash occurs.

Most recently I read this in the study looking at prurigo pigmentosa in 50 koreans:

Ketone bodies cause inflammation BS1


Like I mentioned before, this idea really piqued my curiosity so I headed on over to the references and saw:

Ketone bodies cause inflammation BS2

Fantastic!  I now had a resource I could turn to.  I went ahead and found this paper published in Diabetes & Metabolism in 2005 on Pubmed and discovered that luckily it was a free article.  It’s been sitting in my to-read pile so I didn’t get around to looking at it until recently.

I can’t quite figure out how I got it for free from the site again, so I’ll just upload a copy here for you to read if you’re interested.

…And when you read it you’ll discover the same that I did… there is absolutely no mention of ketone bodies causing perivascular inflammation… or inflammation of any kind!

This is all BS!

I bet the authors never even read this study.

I know that this happens in research papers quite often.

To put it a little more nicely, sometimes authors mistakenly quote the wrong paper: they meant to cite ‘A’ but instead typed in ‘B.’  Other times they just unethically make things up and hope no one will notice.

Then subsequent authors who are too lazy to actually read the sources they cite just propagate this same mistake forward…

What probably happened is that these authors read an earlier paper saying that ketone bodies cause perivascular inflammation citing this same 2005 paper as a reference… and just copied and pasted the damn reference without even checking to see if the first guys were quoting the right paper or were just making things up.

It’ll be interesting to see how many other papers cited this source, mistakenly writing that ketone bodies cause perivascular inflammation…

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