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A Reader’s Keto Rash Experience: Travis Part 1

Travis LeftSide

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from a visitor of the site named Travis who’s been dealing with this rash for the past 15 years and just recently found this site.  He volunteered to write a about his experience and submit photos along the way has he himself experiments with it.  We plan on making this a series of posts.  Again, I invite anyone who’s interested to share their experiences too.  I’m more than happy to help put together a guest post if the process seems intimidating.]

Here’s Travis:

On two separate occasions in the early 2000’s I developed this rash when deep in to ketosis via an Atkins diet.… Read More

Follow Jasmine’s Keto Rash experience at

Jasmine, a long time supporter of this site is currently experimenting with a zero carb diet that has predictably brought upon the keto rash, something she’s dealt with before.  She has some pictures of her rash on her most recent post: “Transitioning to Zero Carb: Day 7.”

I encourage you to stop over there to follow her experience with this rash.  Hopefully she’ll be able to figure some things out that she can share with us!

She also has some great articles on a variety of topics which I’ve enjoyed exploring.… Read More

A Reader’s Keto Rash Success Story: Jude

Jude[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from a visitor of the site who wants to go by Jude.  I think its wonderful for folks who have the keto rash to share their experiences for the benefit of others.  We all know how little information there is out there regarding this, so the more cases we can accumulate the better.  Please, if you think this is something you have, I’d encourage you to share your experiences here.  Many of you have done so already in the comments section, which is fantastic. Read More