A Reader’s Keto Rash Success Story: Jude

Jude[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from a visitor of the site who wants to go by Jude.  I think its wonderful for folks who have the keto rash to share their experiences for the benefit of others.  We all know how little information there is out there regarding this, so the more cases we can accumulate the better.  Please, if you think this is something you have, I’d encourage you to share your experiences here.  Many of you have done so already in the comments section, which is fantastic.  I’m more than happy to help you put together a guest post which I think would reach a wider audience.  Also if you have any pictures to share, I think they would go a long way in helping visitors to this site.]

I am writing because I recently had success controlling the infamous “keto rash.” Since the evidence for how to treat it is still quite scant, I figured that sharing my experience might be of use to someone.

I initiated a ketogenic diet in December 2014, eating ~20 g carbs daily. Approximately two weeks later, I began to develop an itchy, erythematous rash on my neck and chest and immediately turned to Google for help. I came across your website, as well as several reports that documented success in treating ketosis-associated prurigo pigmentosa with doxycycline.

I am including an image of the neck rash, which looked very similar to other “keto rash” images found on the web. The rash actually actually got much worse than shown in the image (it continued to spread and itched more), but I didn’t think to take a picture of it at the time — sorry! Calahist/calamine lotion provided some relief, while topical steroids did not.

I proceeded to see a doctor, persuaded him that I had prurigo pigmentosa, and received a prescription for a month-long course of doxycycline.

The itching abated after three days, and the rash gradually faded away as I continued to take the full course of antibiotic.

Of note, I persistently ate ~20 g carbs during the entirety of my treatment and continue to do so at this time, rash-free and off the antibiotic for a month!

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  1. dsharpe

    The problem with this approach is that by taking the antibiotic you are effectively destroying all the good gut bacteria that are so important in maintaining a healthy weight when you are finished with this diet. I think it is far better to add some carbs back and cycle this way until you have metabolized the excess fat on your body. The other option maybe to take probiotiocs to inoculate your gut when you are finished with the diet and antibiotics.

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