A Reader’s Keto Rash Experience: Travis Part 1

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[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from a visitor of the site named Travis who’s been dealing with this rash for the past 15 years and just recently found this site.  He volunteered to write a about his experience and submit photos along the way has he himself experiments with it.  We plan on making this a series of posts.  Again, I invite anyone who’s interested to share their experiences too.  I’m more than happy to help put together a guest post if the process seems intimidating.]

Here’s Travis:

On two separate occasions in the early 2000’s I developed this rash when deep in to ketosis via an Atkins diet. The cure was quick and simple, return to my fat American diet. It worked both times and I lived life up to 60 pounds overweight.


I measure ketosis with Bayer’s Ketostix. As long as I have trace amounts (0.5 mmol/L) of ketones I consider myself in ketosis. Once I get to moderate or beyond (4 mmol/L) I consider myself deep in to ketosis. I do not develop the rash until I’m at 4 mmol/L or beyond.

I’ve been in ketosis this whole year (0.5 – 4 mmol/L) except for a week around my buddy’s wedding, in early February. Last week I fasted Thursday. After dinner Wednesday night I didn’t eat again until Friday morning. (I drank a bulletproof coffee Thursday morning, as I do every morning.) Friday morning I measured over 4 mmol/L and closer to 8 mmol/L ketones. This is the deepest I’ve been in ketosis all year. Friday I continued the diet I’ve been eating all year. Saturday I noticed this rash for the first time in over a decade. This time however I’m not willing to live fat on my old fat American diet.

My diet this year has included a lot of Medifast with added healthy fats. My lean and green meals haven’t been particularly lean but they have been good healthy fats, moderate protein and nutrient dense salads.

Starting Saturday night I upped my gluten free carbs.

Saturday) I ate rustic potatoes.
Sunday) I ate a sweet potato.
Monday) I had a yam.
Today) I ate white rice.


I just discovered theketorash.com last night. I took these pictures today. My rash wasn’t a whole lot worse than this but they were more red and itchy yesterday.

I’ve been measuring more than trace amounts of ketones, this week, until today when I was at trace amounts. As of today the rash feels like it is subsiding. I’ll continue to journal how my rash develops and post updates here as they become relevant.

If you have questions for Travis, you can reach him here:



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  1. Susan

    Good information but my rash is on both legs starting at ankles and up to knees. I started hcg drops 7 days ago and on day 4 started itching and rash. The itching is very bad and no relief with topical anti itch cream. The diet is a 21 day protocol but I guess I need to stop much to my dismay. Any advice?

    1. bjjcaveman@gmail.com (Post author)

      Not sure I have enough information to comment…

      What is the 21 day protocol? Is it a ketogenic diet?

      How long have you been on the diet?

  2. Susan

    Anxious for comment

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