Keto Rash Successfully Treated with Clarithromycin – From A Reader in the UK

Every once in a while I’ll get an e-mail from someone detailing their experiences with the Keto Rash and most of the time they’re willing to let me post their stories.

Here’s one I just received from a reader in the UK describing how she successfully treated her keto rash with an antibiotic.


I developed a rash exactly like all the descriptions here (except mine was never itchy) after cutting my carbs down to 20g a day.

It took a few weeks and gradually spread, initially I thought it was a sweat rash (little red dots under the band of my sports bra or the waist of my sport leggings) but it spread across my abdomen, axillary tail areas and the sides of my waist. Finally it spread to my armpits and looked exactly like the pictures of prurigo pigmentosa.

I found this study  and my GP here in England prescribed Clarithromycin 250mg twice a day for a week (that’s the only size tablet readily available here).

The rash healed within the week, and there is no scarring or leftover pigmentation. I have extremely pale skin. I have continued with 20-30g carbs a day (except for a week of holiday at 50g!) and the rash has not returned and it’s been 2 months now.

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