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A Reader Shares His Keto Rash Biopsy Results

Keto rash biopsy 1Keto rash biopsy 2Keto rash biopsy 3All identifying information was redacted.

I’ve always been curious as to what a biopsy of keto rash would show and was pretty excited when this reader emailed his report to me.

I asked him a couple of questions and this is how he responded:

You are welcome to share whatever! Where was your site 5 years ago when this started!? It’s a godsend for any of us that suffer from the condition. And yes, it leaves after a couple of days carb intake.

I will email you again after I start the oral anti fungal, which will probably be after I see if what I”m doing now works.

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Keto Rash Successfully Treated With Topical Lemon Juice

This reader treated her Keto Rash by simply applying lemon juice.

While I’ve never heard of using lemon juice before and I haven’t come across any literature on this, if this works, it’s definitely a cheap and easy solution.

I would like to tell you that after trying all the advice and remedies I could get my hands on (starting from your blog to other sites), including antibiotics, I have in the last month successfully cured my keto rash.

I simply started applying lemon juice (from fresh lemons) twice a day.

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How a Doctor from Germany Treated Keto Rash While Staying In Ketosis By Slightly Increasing Carbs

Earlier this year I received an e-mail from Rainer Haarfeldt MD, a physician in Germany.  He described how he managed to treat keto rash while staying in ketosis simply by increasing his carbohydrate intake by 10 – 20 gm per day.

While this wasn’t possible with me, the fact that it was effective with Dr. Haarfeldt definitely makes this a method worth considering.

Hey Philip,

My name is Rainer, I´m from Germany and I´m a medical doctor for internal medicine.

I´m engaged in endurance sports (mountain running, biking, cross-country-skiing)f or 35 years and work with many athletes (endurance sport).

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