A Reader Shares His Keto Rash Biopsy Results

Keto rash biopsy 1Keto rash biopsy 2Keto rash biopsy 3All identifying information was redacted.

I’ve always been curious as to what a biopsy of keto rash would show and was pretty excited when this reader emailed his report to me.

I asked him a couple of questions and this is how he responded:

You are welcome to share whatever! Where was your site 5 years ago when this started!? It’s a godsend for any of us that suffer from the condition. And yes, it leaves after a couple of days carb intake.

I will email you again after I start the oral anti fungal, which will probably be after I see if what I”m doing now works. I’m currently testing Grapeseed Extract orally+topically, but after about 5 days, I cant tell if its effective.

I’ve heard Dave Asprey and others talk about how men on paleo-ish diets often create favorable conditions for fungi growth. In fact, it was Jaminet’s discussion of RASs in The Perfect Health diet that gave me some insight into the mechanism by which carbs reduce the rash.

I was extremely fortunate to find a doc that was into an investigation with me, rather than just saying eat more carbs.

And again, share whatever you want!

I’ve reached out to him to see how the antifungals worked, but unfortunately he ran into some issues with insurance and wasn’t able to get them yet.

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