Samantha Successfully Treats Keto Rash With Doxycycline

Samantha Keto Rash 1

Samantha developed keto rash but didn’t want to stop doing the diet so she opted to go with doxycycline which successfully treated the rash.  She did a wonderful job documenting her experience with photos as you can see.

Here is Samantha:


Around day 9 of keto, I noticed a small rash under my breasts. It wasn’t itchy at first, but it spread VERY quickly and within 3-4 days my chest, neck and some areas of my sides and back were covered in bright red bumps and splotches. It was unbearably itchy and reached a point where it would burn and sting. While I initially thought I’d be able to wait it out, I couldn’t handle it, and it was extremely noticeable. I didn’t want to give up my diet so I saw my doctor who prescribed me a month long course of Doxycycline. A quick note for anyone who doesn’t have insurance- this medicine is really expensive. At Walgreens I was quoted $165, but I luckily was able to buy it at Costco pharmacy for 1/3rd of that price, so you definitely want to call around.

About three days after beginning my doxycycline course (100mg twice a day for thirty days) the rash became less itchy and started taking on a shriveled, withered look. After two weeks, it was pretty much gone and it only itched during showers and sometimes at night. I had been taking the capsules with food to combat the nausea the medication caused, which is not recommended because the medicine doesn’t absorb as well. I started taking it on an empty stomach only and found that caused the rash to go away completely within a week. The doxycycline is the only thing that gave me relief after trying several lotions, creams and natural remedies. It seems to be gone except for a little bit of hyper pigmentation, which appears to be fading. Hope this helps!

Samantha Keto Rash 2

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  1. Susan

    Did you remain on the keto diet and did the rash stay away after your course of antibiotics?

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