Treatment of Keto Rash with Healthy Oils and Oregano Oils

Jennifer Facebook Ketorash

Recently, many readers have been reaching out to me on Facebook to share their experiences.

So I had the rash that started a week into keto and I’m happy to say that after day 60 of the keto diet that it is completely gone! I would say just stay consistent of very low carb, and lots of healthy oils. Also I took oregano oil for about 10 days. The rash was also all over my armpits and chest…it actually got a bit worse than the pic shows.

I confirmed with her a few days later that she was still eating keto and she replied:

Yes! No signs of it returning and my diet is still very low carb.

This is the first I’ve heard of oregano oil being helpful, but since it’s relatively cheap and can’t cause any obvious harm, it may be something to experiment with.

She also seems to be one of the rare cases that was able to stick it out through keto and have the rash go away on it’s own!Β  Lucky for her!

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  1. M. Travis Volker

    Interesting. Thank you. I’d love more specific details and evidence. How much oregano oil topically? How much orally? I use this oregano oil: But I’ve never used it for the Keto Rash. I’ll try next time I encounter the rash.

  2. Christina

    I developed an itchy, inflamed keto rash on my forearms, inner upper arms, ribcage, shoulders, and collarbones 2 weeks into beginning my keto diet. I treated it with a 2% beta hydroxy acid gel (Paula’s Choice) to chemically exfoliate the skin, reduce inflammation and open up the follicles, then moisturized with a heavy cream (Lush Skin Drink), every night for a week. The rash completely disappeared, save for a few hyperpigmentation marks. My rash looked like a mix of keratosis pilaris and flatter papules, all centering around a vellus hair. It was really itchy and irritated. Hope this low cost and OTC treatment option helps!

  3. Jenny

    I don’t know if I am in keto but have been on a LCHF for 10 weeks now. My weight loss is very slow (due to underactive thyroid) and stalled over the last 3 weeks or so. Over the last 2/3 weeks the palms of my hands, feet and also random places on my body flare up and start to itch like crazy. This then goes away but soon returns somewhere else. I do get raised bumps a little like the picture but Would this be keto rash? If not, any idea of what else it might be?

    1. Amy

      Hi Jenny you are describing what I have been experiencing for a few months now. Just not made the connection to keto. I am only guessing, but I bet it is related, we just don’t have a visible rash. I am going to try upping my carbs to see if I get relief.

  4. M. Travis Volker

    Nice work sticking with your LCHF! That doesn’t sound like the same Keto Rash I’ve had on multiple occasions. Sorry I’m not sure what it could be. Do you have access to a dermatologist?

    1. Jenny

      No, although my GP has an interest in dermatology. I’m going to make an appointment to see her. Someone has suggested I may insulin intolerant.. Thank you for your reply

  5. Anne

    Be careful with oregano oil, it is very potent and will kill just about anything in the digestive tract… good bacteria included. I use lots of essential oils and this is one I use very, very sparingly.

  6. M. Travis Volker

    @Anne… I understand the science differently. Can you share research that supports your statement that oregano oil kills just about anything? I understand that it breaks the cellular wall and makes it possible for the body to kill it. But it doesn’t actually kill it. So the body still decides what dies.

    I take oregano oil drops on a daily bases orally as an anti fungal. I’m trying to only get muscles and fitness from the gym, not fungi. πŸ˜‰

  7. Dana S.

    Hey y’all!
    Just stumbled upon all this as I was researching my mysterious rash, and looks like I found the reason!

    I actually sell essential oils, and my dad is an integrative physician who researches essential oils and their properties, uses, benefits, etc.

    PLEASE make sure your oils are 100% pure, non-synthetic, and not full of fake crap or “dirty” oils. Too many oil manufacturers only care about the bottom line and fill the bottles with things that shouldn’t belong.

    ESPECIALLY if you are using topically often or ingesting, please make sure they are therapeutic-grade quality!!!

    I am going to try Oregano, as well as Lavender on my rash and see what happens πŸ™‚

    If anyone has any questions or needs some more info, please don’t hesitate to ask! I love oily discussions πŸ™‚

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