Denise’s develops the Keto Rash from the GAPS diet

Denise went on the GAPS diet and developed the keto rash.  The only thing that helped it go away was eating a huge amount of carbs!

I finally got rid of the keto rash and thought your readers might be interested in my story. I got the keto rash after 3 months of doing the GAPS diet. First I want to say that GAPS is truly amazing. I lost all the excess weight, no more cellulite, no more UTIs, felt better overall. I’m convinced my gut flora improved, exactly what GAPS is supposed to do.

However, I did 2 things wrong on GAPS:

1) I started on full gaps instead of starting with the intro

2) I did it for too long; I should have stopped at ~30 days but went for 3 months and got the horrible keto rash.

I tried everything to stop that rash (except for antibiotics of course because that will just cause other problems). I tried food elimination, eating more carbs, and nothing worked. Until I found Matt Stone’s idea of 30-day refeeding after excessive dieting and it actually worked!

Now this is the key: I ate A LOT of carbs for 30 days. I mean huge meals with huge carb portions – things I would never have touched before, like potatoes, bread, pasta, sugar, cookies, ice cream. Huge portions often, like every 2-3 hours, thousands of calories of mainly carbs. It took the entire 30 days of feasting and finally the rash went away completely. Hallelujah! The rash is gone and I am so relieved.

I was terrified that I had some sort of autoimmune condition that was permanent. I did gain some weight back, but not all, and I’m fine with that. I’ve accepted there are no easy answers, no quick fixes, and severe carb restriction can be dangerous. That keto rash is truly scary. So I’m going to try to eat normally and accept the love handles.

So tell your readers, in the words of Matt Stone, Eat The Food!

I’m not too familiar with the GAPS diet so if you’re like me and want to learn more here is the website and here are some books from Amazon:

Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Recover with GAPS

GAPS Guide


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  1. Stef

    Why did you eat ice cream and cookies and not high carbs foods only?

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