Susan Successfully Treats Keto Rash with Minocycline

There are now over 74 comments now in the Treatments page and in one of the latest comments Susan shares her experience with treating keto rash using the antibiotic minocycline:

I have been dealing with this horrendous and incredibly itchy rash on and off for about 6 years and have seen countless doctors about it. I’ve desperately tried every single thing listed under treatments (and some), but to no avail.

It wasn’t until I came across this site that I found a solution that actually worked! I started minocycline 100mg daily 7 days ago, and today the active rash is completely gone (although I saw a dramatic reduction after only 3 days). My rash is extremely severe so obviously it leaves behind hyperpigmentation that takes around 4-6 months to fade, but for the most part I can say it’s gone!

I’d like to mention though that my rash directly correlates with weight-loss and not necessarily keto. I’ve found that increasing carbs kicks me out of keto, yes, but it also puts a halt to the fat loss too. I’ve tried a plethora of diets but the rash only seems to appear when the number on the scale falls.

Anyway I’m eternally grateful for this site and for finding a solution to this rash. The bane of my existence. Finally gone.

I’ll check back in a month and let you know if it comes back after I stop taking the antibiotics. Cheers!

I’m definitely looking forward to any followups from her to see how she’s doing.

Thanks so much for sharing Susan!

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  1. Gladys

    I started Keto and developed the rash
    about 3 weeks after. I didn’t give up, was feeling great! Started drinking more water (100oz), and taking Dandelion Root (3 capsules a day), and within a day or two the itching stopped. After a lonth or so, if I would not drink enough it would start again, so I would repeat the same thing. Then it never came back and have been able to stay Keto for 9 months so far.

  2. Dustin Voss


    Can you buy minocycline OTC? If so, can you share what brand you’re using?

    We’re extremely similar. I, too, only seem to have the rash when I’m both Keto and loosing weight. I can be keto without weight loss and no rash, and I can be loosing weight on a carb diet and I wont have a rash.

    I strongly suspect that this is due to the infection plus the inability of my body to make RAS while on low cal and keto. (something I inferred after reading “The Perfect Health Diet.”

    – Voss

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