Alexander Successfully Treats Keto Rash with Doxycycline without going out of Keto

This is a post shared by Alexander on the Keto Rash Facebook Community where more and more readers are joining every day!  With the help of doxycycline he manages to treat the rash WHILE fasting and staying in ketosis.

I’ve successfully lost 30lbs with keto during the last 2 1/2 months. However, I’m really struggling with this rash and it has become a huge obstacle in my current weight loss journey.

About a month and a half ago, I developed this rash on my stomach and my primary doctor believed it was shingles! Finally, I went to a dermatologist and they prescribed Clobetasol Propionate ointment, which worked for about a week, then the rash returned with a vengeance which you can see in the photo I’ve attached. This week I’ve been perscribed doxycycline hyclate, I hope it works, I’ll keep you guys updated. Also, any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

A little over a month later Alexander shared these fantastic tips and a followup photo:

Tremendous progress! After a month of taking doxycycline, the rash has severely disappeared.

After a week of taking the doxycycline, I’ve noticed some change but not enough so I decided to go on an intermittent fasting protocol. I would take a 100mg in the morning and fast until 2pm. I would continue my keto diet between 2pm to 5pm, then begin my fast again. Around 9pm I’ll take another 100mg dosage of doxycycline and finally go to sleep by 11pm.

After a few days of intermittent fasting, the rash began to show signs of progress, but still not enough. I realized that intermittent fasting did work, so I was curious if a water fast would improve the antibiotics efficiency. So I decided on a 48-hour water fast. It wasn’t as difficult as I expected, since I’ve already been intermittent fasting for about 4 days. The results were amazing, after my 48 hour water fast, just about all the redness has cleared from the rash and all that remained were a smaller bumps and darkened skin.

I continued the doxycycline but returned to an intermittent fasting cycle of eating between 12pm – 6pm. This was easy to do and ensured the efficiency of the antibiotic.

Word of Advice!
1) Calcium and doxycycline do not work well together, try to avoid dairy about 2 hours before and after taking doxycycline.

2) TAKE DOXYCYCLINE WITH A FULL GLASS OF WATER. I can not stress this enough. After attending an evening event, I returned home at almost 11pm and quickly popped a pill of doxycycline and chased it with a sip of water, just enough water to swallow it. Then I went to bed since I was exhausted. I woke up the following morning with intense heart burn 🔥. After googling, I realized that doxycycline can get stuck in your esophagus and burn through the inner lining. This was really painful and took about 2 weeks to fully heal.

3) You do not need to stop keto dieting, but you should take a probiotic, preferably VSL #3. I’ve found them at Costco for pretty cheap.

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