Monthly Archive: June 2017

After trying almost everything, Sharon finally finds relief with increasing her carbs

[If you’ve been following this site, this is now a familiar story.  Person goes low carb, gets rash, tries all sorts of creams and pills to treat the rash to no avail, only to find that increasing their carbs will do the trick.  I am surprised that antibiotics didn’t help Sharon though, although I wonder if she took oral antibiotics or used topical antibiotic creams/ointments.  Sharon shared this on The Keto Rash Facebook Page.]

Hi everyone.

I’ve been reading up on other instances of Keto rash wherever I can find it on the Internet and just thought I would share my experience.… Read More

SP finds relief with Turmeric and CoQ10

[SP Posted this on The Keto Rash Facebook pageWhile I’ve tried turmeric before, the one I like is Thorne Research’s Meriva, a formulation that binds curcumin (the active ingredient of turmeric) to a phytosome for enhanced absorption, I personally didn’t find it helpful with keto rash when I had it.  I haven’t tried the CoQ10 before, so that may be something to explore if/when the rash returns.]

So I got keto rash on my back and between my breasts. I exercise daily and it started to spread rapidly.… Read More

Christina, Another Korean American, gets Keto Rash

[While not having any pictures of the rash, Christina’s description of the rash and it’s distribution is very convincing for keto rash.  Of course the only way to actually tell is to increase carb intake for bit to see how the rash responds. ]

Hello Philip.

I ran across your blog and your Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to comment on the page but wasn’t sure if it would show up in my friends’ timeline. So I had planned on sending you a message but didn’t know what exactly I wanted to say lol.… Read More