Christina, Another Korean American, gets Keto Rash

[While not having any pictures of the rash, Christina’s description of the rash and it’s distribution is very convincing for keto rash.  Of course the only way to actually tell is to increase carb intake for bit to see how the rash responds. ]

Hello Philip.

I ran across your blog and your Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to comment on the page but wasn’t sure if it would show up in my friends’ timeline. So I had planned on sending you a message but didn’t know what exactly I wanted to say lol.

But tonight I checked the page again and saw your latest post with the emails from Ruth. Not only does her rash look a lot like mine, the description is also the same. I wondered if what I had was a keto rash since some other pictures I saw the bumps looked different. Mine are raised but flat just like Ruth described.

I really wanted to comment also because of another thing she mentioned. I am Korean-American also. I know she was wondering if there was any correlation. If you could please let her know there is another individual experiencing the same thing.

Anyway my story is I started my diet 3 weeks ago tomorrow. Almost right away I started getting a little bit of a rash (probably day 2 or 3.) But as the days went on it spread. It’s now on my neck, chest, stomach back, and shoulders. It even appeared on my arms a little.

I googled diet and rash and quickly discovered keto rash. I then realized I had been eating pretty low carb. I hadn’t intentionally set out to, but overall probably have about 40-55 a day. So not extremely low, but on the low end.

While the rash is unpleasant and at times very itch, I haven’t upped my carbs yet. I would really like to lose weight quickly so I’m trying to stick with it. I did have a planned night out with a friend last Friday. I had a pomegranate mojito and a huge soft pretzel from claim jumper. Pretty sure it has a billion carbs in it lol. It was only one night but I didn’t notice any difference with my rash.

I wish there was more I could do to get rid of the rash without being stop being in ketosis 😫

Sorry for writing so much! Again, I would have posted to the Facebook page but I don’t want all my friends and family to know I have an itchy rash 😂

[I responded by saying that I actually thought 40-55 gm of carbs is actually on the low end and that she’s probably in ketosis most of the time, and that one big pretzel probably didn’t have enough carbs to make any real difference with the rash.  I recommended upping her carbs for a few days to see how the rash responds since there are many other rashes that can look similar to keto rash.]

Thanks for replying! I was going to test it by eating more carbs but I’m loving the weight loss! I lost 7 the first week which I’m sure was mostly water, then 3, and the cheat week I lost 5!

I had another cheat night on Saturday. It was something that was planned for a while. It was a big event in Seattle. I drank 6 drinks and ate some not healthy foods lol. I’m dreading what the scale will say on my weekly weigh in Thursday 😅 I couldn’t possibly get lucky and have another great week I don’t think.

I think my rash is not as itchy and red now. I am not certain if that happened from the cheat or started right before that. Or if I’m just getting used to it haha.
Have you ever found anyone that the rash lessened or went away even while being in ketosis? Or does it usually stay until you eat more carbs?

Thanks again for the insight!

[This is actually a response I get pretty frequently.  People are experiencing so many benefits from ketosis that they’re hesitant to break out of ketosis and lose those benefits, even if it means living with the rash.  

What I always say is that the only way to actually tell the rash is keto rash is to test it with carbs.  This doesn’t mean you have to give up eating keto for life, but just for a few days to figure out what’s going on with the rash.  Once you know for certain it’s keto rash, then you can choose to figure out a ‘sweet spot’ in your carb intake, like many others have done, or go the route of antibiotics while staying in ketosis the entire time.]

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