After trying almost everything, Sharon finally finds relief with increasing her carbs

[If you’ve been following this site, this is now a familiar story.  Person goes low carb, gets rash, tries all sorts of creams and pills to treat the rash to no avail, only to find that increasing their carbs will do the trick.  I am surprised that antibiotics didn’t help Sharon though, although I wonder if she took oral antibiotics or used topical antibiotic creams/ointments.  Sharon shared this on The Keto Rash Facebook Page.]

Hi everyone.

I’ve been reading up on other instances of Keto rash wherever I can find it on the Internet and just thought I would share my experience. I have had a rash on and off on my arms for the past 3 years or so. It would appear and last for months at a time and then go away seemingly on its own. I never equated it with Keto even though I was following various low carb plans during that timeframe. This last round of the rash had lasted 4 months and was particularly itchy and red. I tried everything: Benadryl, cortisone creams, antibiotics, antifungals creams, psoriasis creams, gold bond, eczema creams, etc. nothing helped. I went to a dermatologist and allergist and neither one knew what was causing it.

Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer and decided to up my carb level and see if that helped. It’s been 4 days now and the rash has substantially improved. The itching is gone, the raised parts flattened and the redness lightened. Has anyone found a level of carbs that has kept the rash at bay or has anyone tried carb cycling and still lost weight? I’ve lost 70 but have 50 yet to go.

[I responded by saying that yes, there have been a few people that have managed to find their ‘ideal’ level of carbs that keeps the rash at bay while still allowing them to experience the benefits of low carb.]

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