Heath Gets Keto Rash From Exogenous Ketones

[Heath reached out to me on Facebook to share his experience getting Keto Rash after using exogenous ketones in the form of Keto/OS Packets from Pruvit.  

My immediate thought was that perhaps this was an allergic reaction to something in the supplement because if its distribution, however the fact that it improved with carbs really favor it being Keto Rash.

As you can tell from what he says, Heath is experienced with keto and has done it in the past without any issues, which is why it’s fascinating to see that he only gets the rash when he uses these packets.  

This certainly raises interesting questions regarding the mechanism of how the rash forms doesn’t it?  Maybe it’s the ketones themselves that react with the skin rather than the break down of fat?

If you’ve used Keto/OS or other exogenous ketones in the past and have developed a rash, please drop me a line!]

So glad I found your site as I had no ideas what this rash was from. I began using Prüvit Keto/OS Packets which put me into a Keto state with instant ketones. I consumed 1 packet each day for about 1 1/2 weeks and began to have major breakouts / painful / itchy……I thought Keto was suppose to help skin issues so I thought it may be something else. I have been naturally doing keto for almost 4 yrs but the extra ketones from the packets triggered this horrible rash…..so bummed as I enjoyed using their product.

Here are the bumps when it first flared up….so painful and itchy [shown above].

The Keto Rash it gets better once I up carbs and discontinued use. I asked one of the guys in the company and they said they had a few cases. I have been doing a mild form of keto for almost four years and have never had this issue.

I responded with:

You have the rash on your hands and ankles too, which are unusual places for the rash to manifest. Mostly it’s on the chest, back, and neck (as in my case), but people have been reporting some instances of it affecting their face.

I haven’t seen it affect hands and ankles though, so that’s interesting. Maybe it’s related to the exogenous ketones.

Have you been tracking your blood ketones? It’d be interesting to see if there is any correlation.

Have you noticed any relationship with exercise and exertion?

I was tracking my ketones using a urine strip and I would say I was around 6.0 to 7.0. As I mentioned once I added carbs it began to immediately clear up. I also took berberine / grapefruit seed extract / garlic which helped 3 times a day and it helped to rapidly clear it up also. Maybe the Keto Packets were making me have to many ketones or something…….either way I will go without the packets and stay in a moderate keto zone to avoid the keto/rash as I have never had anything like this happen. The keto/rash is worsened by heat so I avoided tight close and working out.

Never had a rash from working out ever.

I did confirm with Pruvit that this is affecting some of their customers. As soon as I stopped taking the Keto/OS product the rash immediately went away.

[Bold emphasis was mine]

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  1. Rachael Raines

    Ketones break down into acetone. If you are not aware, acetone isn’t skin friendly. I mean, I use it to take fingernail polish off! It’s safe to use for certain things, allowing it to rest on your skin isn’t wise. When you are in ketosis and you sweat, acetone comes out of your pores. The more you sweat, the more comes out. I shower sometimes twice daily using a non-soap cleanser. When I exercise, I can feel my pores under my fingertips like little bumps. After a warm shower (and a quick cold rinse to close the pores) those little bumps go away.

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