AA Gets Keto Rash After Doing Strict Keto And Losing 8% Body Fat

[AA is attempting to lose body fat by going keto and found that this brought on the keto rash.  I’ve made some grammatical edits to his original message.]

Hey. Just sharing that I’m undergoing a strict keto diet with intermittent fasting to drop body fat percentage.  Been in keto for about a monthish.

I started at 205 lbs and 23% body fat.  I’m currently 189 lbs and 15% body fat.  The rash appeared maybe sooner, but was on my neck and back and I didn’t notice it until it appeared on my chest.

I actually am doing keto with intermittent fasting and gradual calorie reduction to match my fitness goals.

I’m not increasing carbs because I need to maintain keto until my fitness goal achieved then I will reverse the diet.

I use petroleum jelly. Head and shoulders in the shower. Powder and aloe. It’s not really reducing the rash because as I go to the gym it gets more and more irritated. My suggestion is to wick sweat off asap.

My carb intake is less the 20 g  and averages 8g a day. I utilize BCAAs for electrolytes and some salt / increased water intake.

My main focus is an extreme transformation. 10% or less.  I have about 2 more weeks and the fat continues to melt away at large volumes. Just need to supplement protein to avoid muscle break down. Balanced workout routine and healthy fats. It’s honestly being consistent.  And maintaining keto with intermittent fasting.

I’m sure the IF is what really pushed the rash to spread.

@aagrav_is_fit is my instagram.

Feel free to share because I’ll be posting results at the very end and hopefully find a way to weaken the rash.

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  1. Elle

    Clove oil in Shea butter kills the itch of the Keto rash.

  2. Rimas V. Janusonis MD, FAAFP

    It’s thought that the rash is caused by your body sweating out ketones and your body reacting to the ketones. I think that with time (as your body gets used to using ketones for fuel), you won’t sweat out as much ketones and the rash should resolve.

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