A Reader Wonders about Ketosis and Bile Deficiency

[A reader on The Keto Rash Facebook Community wonders about the relationship between Keto Rash and bile acid deficiency.  There isn’t any relationship that I’ve come across in my research between the rash and bile acids except that bile acids are heavily involved in the metabolism of cholesterol, and cholesterol metabolism can be altered with ketogenic diets.

I can’t say that I know much about the work of Dr. Eric Berg who this person follows, but a quick perusal of his site shows that he’s a chiropractor who develope the ‘Body Type System of Weight Loss.’  That’s about as far as I let myself go down this particular rabbit hole.]

I’m assuming we’re allowed to write our experiences here. Back in 2011, I went into a state of ketosis (was starving at the time from a medical issue) and developed a really gross rash–first it was red patches like many of the pictures in this group, and then developed small pustules after a few weeks. Went from my chest, up my neck, to parts of my face, and lastly the middle of my back. Had it for about 3 months and the only thing that made it go away was actually having an acupuncturist I worked for bleed SI 10, which is a point that has the functions of treating scrofula and other toxins. It started to go away literally the next day and faded out.

Last week, I started the keto diet and am developing the rash again (starting on my chest and face, sigh). I like to follow Eric Berg on Youtube. He thinks the keto rash occurs when people have bile deficiency, so the liver becomes overwhelmed with breaking down fat and the toxins released in that process. He speculates that the body can’t keep up with the level of toxins when there is not enough bile and forms an immune complex which results in the hives and an itchy rash for affected individuals. He recommends supplementing with bile salts and upping greens.

Has anyone here done anything similar with any success?

Honestly, it was really gross and my birthday is coming up. So I got off the diet after a week, and it cleared up. I’m going to try again after my birthday passes–just didn’t want to be a walking hive/boil if I decide to celebrate.

In the meantime, I was going to try a couple of footbaths and hope that it reduces the toxin load. I also bathe in Epsom salt baths frequently, which helps with detoxification, and I noticed this time it wasn’t as bad as before–but still pretty gross.

I don’t suspect I have candida issues, but I am heavy metal poisoned and have lived in bad housing, so I think it’s some kind of toxin release. You store a lot of toxins in fat so it makes sense to me that getting in a fat burning mode would release more than you can tolerate if you have a heavy burden.

…Yeah, he thinks the bile deficiency makes it so you can’t deal sufficiently with the fat you’re burning and the toxins at the same time. I’m definitely trying the diet again in a few weeks. I know it’s frustrating…

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  1. N Hare

    I wrote a post on 10th August 2017 when I was at the height of the worst ketosis rash ever, particularly on my arms & legs. I would wake up scratching myself so hard that I was drawing blood.
    Anyway today 19th September 2017 I received a copy of an email post of someone who made a post on “The Keto Rash”. Well I have to say my rash has completely 100% disappeared. One of things that might of turned things around is I have been taking “purified bile salts” (I’m in the UK & purified bile salts are called bile acids- Gallmet-N capsules) as per Eric Berg recommendation on Youtube. Secondly, I have greatly reduced my fruit intake to virtually zero (was eating loads), Thirdly, I have been eating salted crisps (for the salt), & Fourthly I had stopped eating the best quality fillet steak & am now having quality beef burgers instead. In actually fact, I’m sure I picked up all the above from various Eric Berg YouTube videos (he is Canadian & based in Canada). I hope this helps somebody with their fight with ketosis rash.

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