Monthly Archive: October 2017

Lisa goes keto for 3 months and gets keto rash… maybe? [Definitely]

[Lisa’s story is similar to mine.  I went keto and was doing great for a few months losing weight, feeling good, when all of a sudden this rash appeared out of nowhere.]

I broke out in a rash about 10 days ago. I started the keto diet about 3 months ago. The rash is on my arms my torso, with focus on either side. It has also started on my upper thighs. I was probably less than 20 g of carb a day and feeling great.… Read More

Is there any correlation between the menstrual cycle and keto rash?

[I’m going to admit complete ignorance on this subject.  This commenter on facebook seemed to notice a pattern with her time of the month.  It’s not something I’ve ever seen mentioned so I figured I’d post it here to see if anyone else has any thoughts and can chime in or share their experience.]

Any correlation between keto rash and menstrual cycle?

Every month I’ve gotten a rash!

I up my carbs to between 30-50 for that week, and seem to be OK!

When I start itching I do 30-50 carbs that day and the next 2, and it stays at bay.… Read More

Paul Gets Keto Rash And Tries To Figure Out His Carb Window

[One of the strategies many people opt to pursue instead of carbing out to the max (like I did) or taking antibiotics (like I also did) is to slowly titrate up their carb intake until they find the ideal amount that will allow them to experience all of the benefits of ketosis while at the same time keeping the keto rash at bay.  It looks like Paul is well on his way to figuring what his range is.]

My rash started about 10 days ago after being in ketosis about two weeks.… Read More