Paul Gets Keto Rash And Tries To Figure Out His Carb Window

[One of the strategies many people opt to pursue instead of carbing out to the max (like I did) or taking antibiotics (like I also did) is to slowly titrate up their carb intake until they find the ideal amount that will allow them to experience all of the benefits of ketosis while at the same time keeping the keto rash at bay.  It looks like Paul is well on his way to figuring what his range is.]

My rash started about 10 days ago after being in ketosis about two weeks. I’ve read just about every internet posting about this stupid rash. One thing I have concluded is no one knows what causes it, however that doesn’t stop people from posting their guesses. I was well under 20g of carbs a day but way over on my fat intake grams. Apparently my liver did not like that and I have adjusted my fat intake and upped my carbs to 40 grams a day. I eat only fresh vegetables and the best meats and fish you can buy. I don’t want to come out of ketosis but my rash just continues to move to a new location. The original site’s are healing and have became less itchy but this crap sucks. I’m going to do another carb increase to 50 grams and see if that improves anything if not I guess I’ll go back to my usual eating plan which is 100 grams of carbs a day. I lost 25 lbs in a year eating the 100 grams of carbs a day so it won’t be a total bust.

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