Is there any correlation between the menstrual cycle and keto rash?

[I’m going to admit complete ignorance on this subject.  This commenter on facebook seemed to notice a pattern with her time of the month.  It’s not something I’ve ever seen mentioned so I figured I’d post it here to see if anyone else has any thoughts and can chime in or share their experience.]

Any correlation between keto rash and menstrual cycle?

Every month I’ve gotten a rash!

I up my carbs to between 30-50 for that week, and seem to be OK!

When I start itching I do 30-50 carbs that day and the next 2, and it stays at bay. The first couple months I just continued eating under 20 and it got really bad and someone said to eat carbs and I ate real pizza for 2 days straight, helped the rash but made me sick and gained 5 lbs!

Every month about 1-3 days before my cycle begins, I have gotten a rash. (8 months in a row). I wonder if having PCOS has anything to do with it? 

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