Monthly Archive: November 2017

Carla Uses Diatomaceous Earth to Treat Keto Rash without stopping Keto

[Carla tried applying a mixture of food grade diatomaceous earth and MCT oil as well as eating diatomaceous earth itself and found that this method helped her treat the rash.  This allowed her to stay in ketosis and enjoy all of the benefits she was feeling without having to suffer through the rash!  This isn’t anything I’ve tried before so I can’t offer any real thoughts on the matter, however, IF this solution works consistently for keto rash that would be wonderful.]

Yesterday was the 30 day mark for me on the keto diet.… Read More

Stephani Might Have Keto Rash

[I can’t say for certain if Stephani has the keto rash because there can be a few things going on here.  She mentions that she was ‘burned’ or may have an allergic reaction to a lotion, however the fact that she recently began a ketogenic diet also throws the possibility of keto rash into the mix.]

I started a ketogenic diet 6 weeks ago. I don’t even know if I am actually in ketosis or not, as I don’t track my ketone levels, but I’m definitely under 60g of carbs daily.… Read More

Julie also gets keto rash from supplements

[In response to Heath’s post who developed keto rash from taking ketone supplements, Julie reported a similar reaction when taking supplements from Julian Bakery.  I personally haven’t tried any ketone supplements aside from MCT oils so can’t say much about it myself.]

I got the keto rash from using supplements (Julian Bakery) a few times in a week. I only went up from 4.1 mmol blood ketones to 4.3 (and I know I’ve been at 4.2 before).

Unfortunately, I can’t go up on carbs or try steroids because I have epilepsy.… Read More