Julie also gets keto rash from supplements

[In response to Heath’s post who developed keto rash from taking ketone supplements, Julie reported a similar reaction when taking supplements from Julian Bakery.  I personally haven’t tried any ketone supplements aside from MCT oils so can’t say much about it myself.]

I got the keto rash from using supplements (Julian Bakery) a few times in a week. I only went up from 4.1 mmol blood ketones to 4.3 (and I know I’ve been at 4.2 before).

Unfortunately, I can’t go up on carbs or try steroids because I have epilepsy. I’ve noticed that the rash flairs anytime my ketone level changes by more than 1, up or down.

I plan to try the antibiotics next time I get an infection of some kind, so I can double dip.

I’ve been doing keto for epilepsy and usually keeping my ketones at least 2.2 mmoL for about 3 years. It was in June when I tried experimenting with exogenenous ketones that I got the rash and I’ve had it to a greater or lesser extent since.

Like I said, I am regularly at 4.1 mmoL ketones in my regular diet and had seen them at 4.2 mmoL, just in my regular daily measurements.

So, it wasn’t even higher than usual ketones, unless going 0.1 mmoL higher kicked it off.

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