Stephani Might Have Keto Rash

[I can’t say for certain if Stephani has the keto rash because there can be a few things going on here.  She mentions that she was ‘burned’ or may have an allergic reaction to a lotion, however the fact that she recently began a ketogenic diet also throws the possibility of keto rash into the mix.]

I started a ketogenic diet 6 weeks ago. I don’t even know if I am actually in ketosis or not, as I don’t track my ketone levels, but I’m definitely under 60g of carbs daily. I used a tanning bed on Saturday (today is Tuesday) and burned on my chest and back.

I found it strange because the bed I use doesn’t burn and I’ve used it many times. The areas that burned became very itchy and as the overall redness dissipated, a rash became apparent. I’m not sure if it is a keto rash or perhaps an allergy to the lotion I used. It hasn’t appeared anywhere but my chest and back and isn’t responding to coconut oil, tea tree oil, benadryl, hydrocortisone or anti fungal cream. I’m pushing more carbs now to see if it helps.

What confuses me is the way it appeared when I tanned. Is sunlight something that can aggravated keto rash? How do I make the itching stop?

[I told her what I tell most of the people that contact me: the easiest and cheapest way to tell if you have keto rash is to try eating eating some carbs and getting yourself out of ketosis to see if this has any effect on your rash.  If you really don’t want to, there are more suggestions on the Treatment page of this site.

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