Carla Uses Diatomaceous Earth to Treat Keto Rash without stopping Keto

[Carla tried applying a mixture of food grade diatomaceous earth and MCT oil as well as eating diatomaceous earth itself and found that this method helped her treat the rash.  This allowed her to stay in ketosis and enjoy all of the benefits she was feeling without having to suffer through the rash!  This isn’t anything I’ve tried before so I can’t offer any real thoughts on the matter, however, IF this solution works consistently for keto rash that would be wonderful.]

Yesterday was the 30 day mark for me on the keto diet. While I can’t say it has been a breeze, the benefits I am recognizing have been so worth the effort. Three days ago I developed THE RASH…at least I’m assuming it’s THE RASH everyone is talking about.

In my research, I’ve read it can also be candida going haywire (that it can feed off of protein broken down to sugar in the system). I’ve read that diatomaceous earth can kill candida. I have some food grade DE and decided to make a paste using MCT oil and DE. Immediately upon rubbing some on the rash, there was a cooling effect and the terrible itching stopped. After an hour of having the paste on the rash I took a look at it and it does not seem to look so angry. I also decided to start consuming the DE.

I don’t know if this will work for making the rash go away but I do know it has cooled down the itching. I’ll take that for now. I will not let THE RASH win.

Just wanted to post in case someone else is looking for some relief.

As a follow-up, I kept the DE paste on the rash for 2 days. No more itching or bumps…just some redness left. The paste was such a soothing relief from the intense itching. Since I started consuming the DE, I have experienced some Candida die off but am already feeling better. People might want to check into whether their rash is Candida related.

[2 weeks later she checked in by saying…]

Still rash free and ketofied!

[Again, if anyone out there has tried this or is willing to try it please let us know how it goes!]

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