Monthly Archive: December 2017

Doxycycline Clears Up Kylie’s Keto Rash in 8 Days!

[Kylie’s experience with doxycycline mirrored my own in that once I started taking it my keto rash cleared up after a week.  This is a proven method to treat keto rash in anecdotal reports as well as the scientific literature as you can see throughout this site.  If you develop the rash while eating keto and would like to avoid falling out of keto by eating carbs, doxycycline is definitely a way to go.]

Hi all.

I had the WORST KR for MONTHS! Boobs, stomach, underarms, back, neck and head.I always got it everytime I went into ketosis.… Read More

Turmeric and CoQ10 Help SP Beat Keto Rash

[Reader SP found that taking turmeric and CoQ10 helped clear up her rash.  I’ve consistently taken curcumin which is the active ingredient of turmeric for the past few years and still find that the keto rash pops up here and there for me if I wander too far into ketosis.  So I don’t this would work for me, but for anyone else who don’t want to go the route of increasing carb intake or taking antibiotics, this is definitely worth a shot!]

So I got keto rash on my back and between my breasts.… Read More