Doxycycline Clears Up Kylie’s Keto Rash in 8 Days!

[Kylie’s experience with doxycycline mirrored my own in that once I started taking it my keto rash cleared up after a week.  This is a proven method to treat keto rash in anecdotal reports as well as the scientific literature as you can see throughout this site.  If you develop the rash while eating keto and would like to avoid falling out of keto by eating carbs, doxycycline is definitely a way to go.]

Hi all.

I had the WORST KR for MONTHS! Boobs, stomach, underarms, back, neck and head.I always got it everytime I went into ketosis. Tried creams, prescriptions, lotions, selsum blue, no soap, cotton clothing, tried not to sweat, hydrocortisone, coconut oil, aloe vera, etc etc.

After much research, and 2 different Doctors and 2 separate dermatologist and 1 biopsy – I researched the effectivness of antibiotic DOXYCYCLINE. I went to my GP with my findings and she prescribed me a one month course.

Rash gone in 8 days!

I am still eating keto and didn’t need to increase my carbs. Woo Hoo.

One very happy (and able to sleep again) camper.

Hope my experience helps you guys who might need it. (not to work on good gut health since the anti-biotics just killed all that good stuff off lol)

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