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Both Irene AND her husband get keto rash

*Top 2 are few days into rash, bottom four are taken tonight right after dinner.

[I really appreciate Irene and her husband sharing their photos and experience with me and permitting me to share them on the blog here as a post.  I know that with the details and descriptions they’ve so thoroughly provided that many readers will benefit.  If you also have a story you’d like to share, please don’t hesitate to contact me.]

First of all, thank you for create this page just for keto rash!

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Keto Rash Treated with Blueberries

[Barb, a reader on the The Keto Rash Facebook Community shared this great tip!  I’m not sure if it’s the carbs in the blueberries or some other phytochemical or property of the berry, but it’s definitely something worth trying.  I have to admit that I’m biased here because blueberries are my favorite fruit.]

I had Keto rash for well over a year when I started a low carb diet (20 or under). Went to 2 different dermatologists 6 months apart, neither of whom had a clue what it was or how to treat it.… Read More

Can a ‘Liver Tonic’ Supplement Help?

I received a message on the Keto Rash Facebook Page from KS who reports that using this particular Fusion Liver Tonic supplement has really helped him.  I’ve never heard of this until now and don’t know anything about it except from what is stated on the Amazon description:

Fusion Health LIVER TONIC is a Chinese herbal medicine formulated with St. Mary’s Thistle and Dandelion to detoxify the liver and optimise its functions, promote elimination, have a cleansing effect on the bowel, relieve constipation and help ease the discomfort of haemorrhoids.

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Doxycycline Clears Up Kylie’s Keto Rash in 8 Days!

[Kylie’s experience with doxycycline mirrored my own in that once I started taking it my keto rash cleared up after a week.  This is a proven method to treat keto rash in anecdotal reports as well as the scientific literature as you can see throughout this site.  If you develop the rash while eating keto and would like to avoid falling out of keto by eating carbs, doxycycline is definitely a way to go.]

Hi all.

I had the WORST KR for MONTHS! Boobs, stomach, underarms, back, neck and head.I always got it everytime I went into ketosis.… Read More

Turmeric and CoQ10 Help SP Beat Keto Rash

[Reader SP found that taking turmeric and CoQ10 helped clear up her rash.  I’ve consistently taken curcumin which is the active ingredient of turmeric for the past few years and still find that the keto rash pops up here and there for me if I wander too far into ketosis.  So I don’t this would work for me, but for anyone else who don’t want to go the route of increasing carb intake or taking antibiotics, this is definitely worth a shot!]

So I got keto rash on my back and between my breasts.… Read More

Carla Uses Diatomaceous Earth to Treat Keto Rash without stopping Keto

[Carla tried applying a mixture of food grade diatomaceous earth and MCT oil as well as eating diatomaceous earth itself and found that this method helped her treat the rash.  This allowed her to stay in ketosis and enjoy all of the benefits she was feeling without having to suffer through the rash!  This isn’t anything I’ve tried before so I can’t offer any real thoughts on the matter, however, IF this solution works consistently for keto rash that would be wonderful.]

Yesterday was the 30 day mark for me on the keto diet.… Read More

Stephani Might Have Keto Rash

[I can’t say for certain if Stephani has the keto rash because there can be a few things going on here.  She mentions that she was ‘burned’ or may have an allergic reaction to a lotion, however the fact that she recently began a ketogenic diet also throws the possibility of keto rash into the mix.]

I started a ketogenic diet 6 weeks ago. I don’t even know if I am actually in ketosis or not, as I don’t track my ketone levels, but I’m definitely under 60g of carbs daily.… Read More

Julie also gets keto rash from supplements

[In response to Heath’s post who developed keto rash from taking ketone supplements, Julie reported a similar reaction when taking supplements from Julian Bakery.  I personally haven’t tried any ketone supplements aside from MCT oils so can’t say much about it myself.]

I got the keto rash from using supplements (Julian Bakery) a few times in a week. I only went up from 4.1 mmol blood ketones to 4.3 (and I know I’ve been at 4.2 before).

Unfortunately, I can’t go up on carbs or try steroids because I have epilepsy.… Read More

Lisa goes keto for 3 months and gets keto rash… maybe? [Definitely]

[Lisa’s story is similar to mine.  I went keto and was doing great for a few months losing weight, feeling good, when all of a sudden this rash appeared out of nowhere.]

I broke out in a rash about 10 days ago. I started the keto diet about 3 months ago. The rash is on my arms my torso, with focus on either side. It has also started on my upper thighs. I was probably less than 20 g of carb a day and feeling great.… Read More

Is there any correlation between the menstrual cycle and keto rash?

[I’m going to admit complete ignorance on this subject.  This commenter on facebook seemed to notice a pattern with her time of the month.  It’s not something I’ve ever seen mentioned so I figured I’d post it here to see if anyone else has any thoughts and can chime in or share their experience.]

Any correlation between keto rash and menstrual cycle?

Every month I’ve gotten a rash!

I up my carbs to between 30-50 for that week, and seem to be OK!

When I start itching I do 30-50 carbs that day and the next 2, and it stays at bay.… Read More