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Samantha Successfully Treats Keto Rash With Doxycycline

Samantha Keto Rash 1

Samantha developed keto rash but didn’t want to stop doing the diet so she opted to go with doxycycline which successfully treated the rash.  She did a wonderful job documenting her experience with photos as you can see.

Here is Samantha:


Around day 9 of keto, I noticed a small rash under my breasts. It wasn’t itchy at first, but it spread VERY quickly and within 3-4 days my chest, neck and some areas of my sides and back were covered in bright red bumps and splotches.

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Victor’s Experience with Keto Rash

Here are a series of comments and e-mails I received from a reader named Victor, who like many people have been seeing success from a ketogenic diet with weight loss and overall feeling better, and then the dreaded keto rash appears.

He does a good job of tracking his blood ketones and diet and details his experiences below.  At one point he finds success with a chinese herbal medicine, but then discovers it was just a confounding variable, and ultimately successfully treats the rash by increasings his carbs.… Read More

Great Keto Rash question from a reader… Wish I knew the answer

Hi Philip,

I just discovered your site and think it’s great to have a source that tries to bind all the information and research on this ‘keto mystery’ together for the advancement of knowledge and treatment.

I have started a keto diet three times now in a period of about 2 years, the most recent one a week ago. Furthermore, I also experience the keto rash. The first time it happened was after about 1-1,5 months in. I had the rash for max. two weeks and then I went on vacation and basically the diet got botched.

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Melanie’s Keto Rash Experience


Reader Melanie was kind enough to allow me to share her experience with the keto rash.  She also sent me a photo of her rash that she gave me permission to share.

Thank you for this blog! I just started a strict keto diet about 3 weeks ago and got the rash about 5 days ago. It started small and then spread into a pretty symmetrical rash all over my sides, lower torso, and mid back in two patches. The itch is making me crazy! It was only minimally calmed by hydrocortisone and calamine.

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A Reader Shares His Keto Rash Biopsy Results

Keto rash biopsy 1Keto rash biopsy 2Keto rash biopsy 3All identifying information was redacted.

I’ve always been curious as to what a biopsy of keto rash would show and was pretty excited when this reader emailed his report to me.

I asked him a couple of questions and this is how he responded:

You are welcome to share whatever! Where was your site 5 years ago when this started!? It’s a godsend for any of us that suffer from the condition. And yes, it leaves after a couple of days carb intake.

I will email you again after I start the oral anti fungal, which will probably be after I see if what I”m doing now works.

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Keto Rash Successfully Treated With Topical Lemon Juice

This reader treated her Keto Rash by simply applying lemon juice.

While I’ve never heard of using lemon juice before and I haven’t come across any literature on this, if this works, it’s definitely a cheap and easy solution.

I would like to tell you that after trying all the advice and remedies I could get my hands on (starting from your blog to other sites), including antibiotics, I have in the last month successfully cured my keto rash.

I simply started applying lemon juice (from fresh lemons) twice a day.

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How a Doctor from Germany Treated Keto Rash While Staying In Ketosis By Slightly Increasing Carbs

Earlier this year I received an e-mail from Rainer Haarfeldt MD, a physician in Germany.  He described how he managed to treat keto rash while staying in ketosis simply by increasing his carbohydrate intake by 10 – 20 gm per day.

While this wasn’t possible with me, the fact that it was effective with Dr. Haarfeldt definitely makes this a method worth considering.

Hey Philip,

My name is Rainer, I´m from Germany and I´m a medical doctor for internal medicine.

I´m engaged in endurance sports (mountain running, biking, cross-country-skiing)f or 35 years and work with many athletes (endurance sport).

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Keto Rash Successfully Treated with Clarithromycin – From A Reader in the UK

Every once in a while I’ll get an e-mail from someone detailing their experiences with the Keto Rash and most of the time they’re willing to let me post their stories.

Here’s one I just received from a reader in the UK describing how she successfully treated her keto rash with an antibiotic.


I developed a rash exactly like all the descriptions here (except mine was never itchy) after cutting my carbs down to 20g a day.

It took a few weeks and gradually spread, initially I thought it was a sweat rash (little red dots under the band of my sports bra or the waist of my sport leggings) but it spread across my abdomen, axillary tail areas and the sides of my waist.

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Jasmine just posted her 60 day Keto Rash update at

She is currently experimenting with a zero carb version of the ketogenic diet (talk about ultra low carb!), and just published her latest post, “Zero Carb Update: Day 60.”

Unfortunately the rash hasn’t gone away yet.  At this point it doesn’t look like zero carb is that right answer… at least not 60 days out.

Check out her site to see updated pics of her keto rash and to learn a bit about methylation.… Read More