The Diet Doctor’s Thoughts on Keto Rash


Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, aka The Diet Doctor just published a post yesterday on the Keto Rash:

Keto Rash – Why Some People Itch on Low Carb, and What to Do About It

He has an interesting theory in that he believes the itching and rash is caused by “ketones in sweat” because it usually starts soon after ketosis, gets worse in hot weather or after exercising, and distribution matches areas where sweat accumulates.

His recommendations include wearing more comfortable clothing, showering immediately after exercising, and exiting ketosis.… Read More

Great Keto Rash question from a reader… Wish I knew the answer

Hi Philip,

I just discovered your site and think it’s great to have a source that tries to bind all the information and research on this ‘keto mystery’ together for the advancement of knowledge and treatment.

I have started a keto diet three times now in a period of about 2 years, the most recent one a week ago. Furthermore, I also experience the keto rash. The first time it happened was after about 1-1,5 months in. I had the rash for max. two weeks and then I went on vacation and basically the diet got botched.

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Dave Asprey’s Take on the Keto Rash

blog-148-2-300x300Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive briefly discussed his thoughts on the keto rash in his most recent Q&A session.

Before going into this, I want to first thank Jasmine from jasminesvision.com for alerting me to this a few weeks ago.

Beginning at the 41:50 mark they address the question of:

“What are your thoughts on Keto rash and it’s causes or processes. It’s not everyone, so why some and not the others. Is that genetic? And is the only cure carb consumption. It would seem as though waiting it out as if it were a detoxing mechanism is risky, as it can cause scarring.”

You can listen to the full podcast here. … Read More