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    Hello, and many thanks to Philip for this resource. I want to leave my little case here to add to the other individual experiences.
    First of all:
    I’m male, Northern European, 30.
    I’m not overweight and didn’t start my ketogenesis experiment in order specifically to lose weight, but did anyway, and at quite a rate. I very visibly also lost muscle mass in my upper body. The carbohydrate in my diet prior to this came almost completely from oats and fruit. My vegetable intake dropped for this experiment, but it certainly had the benefit of ‘rehabilitating’ me to all sorts of fat.

    I kept carbohydrate below 20g a day for one month.

    My rash appeared on the fourth day. I’ve never deliberately eaten ketogenically before. It began below the armpits, and framed my chest. It strikes me that my case had something in common with many others’ anecdotes, which was that the rash appeared after long, strenuous exercise. I felt at the time that I’d made a mess of my electrolytes and felt really quite ill. I slept early, and the following morning the rash had appeared suddenly and quite angrily. I initially assumed it was some kind of irritation from a combination of sweat and friction under my T-shirt because of the symmetrical pattern. From that day on I washed quickly whenever I got sweaty, but this didn’t seem to reduce the rash once it’d started.

    Over a couple of days the rash met in the centre of my chest and began to gradually extend down my abdomen. About a day later a very bright patch appeared on my lower back, over the spine.

    I tried varying vitamin and electrolyte supplements, up and down to zero, with no effect.

    Once I’d finished the month, I decided to end my experiment and start a different one up at a higher (unpopular?) carb intake below 100 but generally outside ketogenic range. Just to see how that feels.

    On my end day, my carbohydrate intake hit 80g: the rash disappeared by morning. Down again around 50-60g the areas become itchy at night. I now seem to be able to ride my upper limit of ketogenesis (I can certainly smell it, at least, if combined with intermittent fasting) without the rash coming back with a vengeance, but since that isn’t my aim any more now that I’m in the rash-safe zone, my intake is drifting a bit higher to where the rash completely disappears. In this era of creeping antibiotic resistance, I’m certainly not taking antibiotics for a minor, self-inflicted nutritional condition.

    I think of myself as some kind of sensitive type, occasionally wheezy in the evenings, mild seasonal allergies, possible minor food sensitivities, all that sort of thing. Somehow this experience didn’t really surprise me, once I gratefully found this site and understood that some people are inclined to it.

    It might have some kind of bearing on what dordeski said (and I know pork seems to be a bit suspect to some people), that my diet is pescatarian. I ate a lot of many kinds of fish, as I did before and continue to do. I probably took about 15% daily calories from cheese over the month. My egg consumption varied and didn’t affect the rash. My coconut product consumption varied and didn’t affect the rash.
    A double intake of carbohydrate, on the other hand, is in my case an almost instant cure.

    At least we know we can all volunteer for studies if they appear, since researchers seem to come across it so rarely.

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