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    I’m 28, and I’ve had some pretty nasty symptoms that have been slowly getting worse over the last 10+ years: depression, anxiety, bad memory, mental fog, absentmindedness, unexplained fatigue (really bad), trouble waking up and feeling “awake”, sleeping for way too long (8-11 hours), white/yellow tongue coating or film, bad breath even after brushing, bad digestion and sometimes diarrhea.

    A few months ago I came across candida on the internet, and I’m 99.9% sure it is the cause of these symptoms.

    1.) I found lots of sources linking mercury toxicity from metal fillings (or “silver” fillings) to encouraging candida overgrowth. I have SEVEN of these fillings.
    2.) I crave an abnormal amount of sugar and bread, and while I was in college I consumed a ton of fast food, energy drinks, coffee, and sugar in general.
    3.) Yeast (candida is a yeast) causes the tongue coating (oral thrush)
    4.) I tested positive EXTREMELY in the water spit test. Spit test says to spit into a clear glass of water and observe it over the next 5-10 min, and recommends to do this in the morning so you could more easily gather spit. If you see “cloudy alien tentacles of spit” spiralling down from the top, that is supposedly yeast colonies, and normal spit should stay at the surface and eventually disappear. I didn’t even do my test in the morning, and it only took 30-60sec for the stuff to horrifically spiral down into the water.

    I’ve been doing the anti-candida diet for 3 weeks now, which is almost exactly the same as the ketogenic diet. On my 2nd and 3rd day, I went into severe sugar withdrawal (I think). I was eating chicken and vegetables and stuff like that, but my stomach felt like “burning acid” and my cravings for sugar, chocolate, fast food, cheese, etc, went INSANE. I also had diarhhea. I felt like this was candida dying and “retaliating”.

    I’ve been doing several things since starting the diet:
    – Taking Vitamin C and multivitamin
    – Taking probiotics and eating probiotic (plain) yogurt
    – Avoiding all sugar, processed food, wheat, starchy vegetables, etc
    – Taking antifungals like ACV and raw garlic
    – Making herbal (antifungal) tea like garlic, onion, oregano

    About 5 days into this diet I got the “keto rash” on the left and right sides of my ribcage, somewhat below my armpit areas. It doesn’t irritate me, and if it does itch, it’s not enough for me to really notice it.

    After reading about candida, I know that when you start to starve it (or you deteriorate it with antifungals), it releases all the stored toxins all at once, which can lead to a rash. Some people with candida get the rash just when it’s present in them. From google image, keto rash and candida rash look very similar.

    What I want to know is this. Is it possible that the candida rash and keto rash are the exact same thing?

    I realize that some people say that you can “treat your keto rash” by adding a little bit of carbs back into your diet. But carbs are exactly what feeds candida. Is it possible, then, that when you DO eat those couple pieces of toast in order to calm your rash down, that you are actually sustaining the candida again and making them just happy enough that they stop dying, stop releasing the toxins, and your rash goes away?

    I think this is a real possibility, but if I assume that as fact and continue to avoid all carbs, then maybe I risk that I’m damaging my body, as the rash would’ve been my body trying to tell me something, and not the candida “threatening” me. Completely different things!

    Please advise! Thank you!



    I changed my diet after coming across a Dr in Toronto that i started following Dr. Jason Fung. He works to improve peoples healthy, diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity etc. etc. I started eating low carb high fat, fantastic results in weight loss -aprox 40 lbs since jan. 2016. I love the fact on low carb I do not have cravings and hunger. On June 14 I had labs done, and to my horror my Ferritin count which hovered around little over upper limits of 291—went from 308 from nov 15 to 491 june 24/16–my doc says it is from inflammation in my body–and my cholesterol panel went crazy–way way high…I have always had histamine issues, allergies etc. I had a bad itchy rash when I first started fasting and LCHF -I would notice how it would get worse after fasting like 24 hrs, but recently i went to 52 hr fast–then had blood work done days later. I was in nutritional ketosis with a reading of 2 –which in our measurements in Canada–is optimal. I found some insight from a post on atkins diet –it is a real thing for sure. I love low carb eating and hope we can find our answers to this problem–I also have added some mixed beans for carbs, and yes it helps. I am thinking going to low carb, and fasts kill of or detox from my body in large amounts?? I have just sent away for 23andme DNA testing –I have had problems all my life, as a baby with skin rashes, allergies etc. I see you metntioned taking vit c–i also have learned if anyone has iron overload , vit c is a no no, and it helps upload it—it would be nice to know if others could get ferritin testing done because rarely do people ask for it. Something is going on with my diet change for sure, my other panel and numbers all look good–

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