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    My rash looked like this sites blog post titled: “Ruth Is Misdiagnosed With A Food Allergy, Turns Out It’s Keto Rash” on May 17, 2017. I had it in some form for 2 years ranging from being barely noticeable when getting out of the shower to eruptions on hot days like in that picture, keeping me indoors.

    I finally got rid of it – and not by reintroducing carbs.

    I believe my rash was bacterial in origin (and I’m assuming its keto related since it began when I started low carbing it 5 days a week). If your rash is viral, or a result of some sensitivity due to contact or chemical origin, this treatment may be ineffective or may even exacerbate your rash.

    In the shower, I applied baking soda to my back twice a day for the first week, then once a day for the next week. I tried to create a wet film of it on my back and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before giving my back a good scrub. The argument being that baking soda is helpful in unclogging pores, exfoliating skin and lowering the PH of the skin – creating a hostile environment for bacteria.

    After drying off, I sprayed my back with a solution of oregano oil diluted in colloidal silver, described below:

    – 3oz spritzer bottle, from CVS pharmacies travel section.
    – Mesosilver brand colloidal silver, a 250ml bottle at will lasts me 2 months.
    – Vitality Works brand oregano oil from Whole Foods, a 2 oz bottle will last several months.

    WARNING: do not apply undiluted oregano oil anywhere on your body. It can hurt lots. Those who are allergic can have reactions ranging from contact dermatitis to anaphylactic reactions, even when diluted.

    I added 3/4 of a pipets worth of the oregano oil (the oil comes with its own glass eye dropper) to the spritzer bottle and filled to the top with colloidal silver (99.99+% water with “silver nano particles”) to dilute and provide its own set of benefits. Oregano oil can sting on sensitive skin, even if diluted – especially if your having an outbreak, and you may need to start with less. I eventually worked up to 3 pipets worth of oregano oil over the next month. The spritzer bottle needs to be shaken before and during your spritzing application, as the oregano oil tends to separate quickly.

    That’s pretty much it. I started this regimen in February of 2017 and it was gone by the next month and hasn’t returned again. Now it’s July. This is significant as I could never be active on a hot day without having an outbreak. I still do maintenance applications 3-4 times a week, but I don’t apply baking soda anymore. I feel it might have been a unnecessary step.

    In regards to the colloidal silver: theirs a debate on the interwebs about ionic vs colloidal silver – I buy into the colloidal silver argument and use the Mesosilver brand. Though their is a newer brand called MediSilver that I’ve heard good things about. Both are on Amazon.

    In regards to the oregano oil – I’m sure its this stuff that is the champ. Final warning – Do NOT apply it in undiluted form or get it anywhere near your privates or open wound, else you will be in for a surprise. For all I know, the colloidal silver isn’t necessary and plain water may do for your dilution needs. The brand of oregano oil I use seems unreasonably expensive on Amazon and it’s cheaper at the store – but I’m just reporting the brands I used, though I believe any brand with carvacol listed as the primary ingredient will do.

    Good luck!

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