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    After 2 weeks on keto i expirienced the keto rash and back then i added carbs to go away. All i left was black spots on my skin where the rash was. After a month I started to eat a lot of fish and cut out all omega 6 (legumes, pork, cheese). And the rash stayed away but last week I went on holiday and I eated a lot of sousages, cheese and legumes and the rash kicked in like crazy (on my abdomen, neck, armpit and back) and then I realized that keto rash is product by bad relationship between omega 6 and omega 3. Now i eat plenty of butter and fish, egs and i am staying away from cheese, sousagesm pork, beef, legumes and the rush is drying out.
    So lukily i dont have to add carbs into equation. When my source of meet is fish I dont have any problems.

    So my advice would be to try improve omega 3:6 relationship first and then start with keto again, with plenty of fish.
    I am really intersted in this, so i hope someone Will listen my advice and give me feedback on this.

    Thanks guys, I think we are closer to the answer on this rash thing.

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