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    Sorry caveman I did get the confirm I was just impatient 😀 Here is a copy of my msg for others to see:

    I have been getting strict into keto for about 3 weeks. About a day and a half ago I started to begin this rash. It started at the same time on both my biceps. The only remedies I have been using are one benedryl pill about 2 or 3 times a day so far.

    I will experiment with not taking it again today besides the one I had this morning. I hear of people having the rash in the same place for a long but in my short period I am finding it started in both biceps and went away there but then it was my forearms on the inside and both arm pits last night. Now at another half day or so interval it was around my whole thigh region up high by the the lympth node area and my shins.

    The crazy thing is that by the time I see it in a new region the previous area is basically clean with no signs of discolor or rash. How common is this in your experiences and from what you have heard?

    I will keep you updated..I did take a sip of pure maple syrp this morning..maybe in fear..but I don’t want to exercise the carb option because I believe it has something to do with yeasts or toxins ..something that is feeding on sugars we give them. I surmise that it is different for people based on there previous lifestyle and what toxins may be inside them?

    I am 33 years old 5’7 145-155. Fairly healthy. But since starting keto my bones are less cracky less arthitis pain in the ol hands. This is partly due to the nature of the diet itself with whole foods and no crap. But my clarity, piece of mind, hunger, attitude, and I assume hormones..everything else is better then ever.

    So I have trouble believing this rash is a bad side effect of this awesome lifestyle but more a side effect of detox, worse for others possibly? I can only read so far into it though..hopefully my experience can provide insight for you and you could also relate to me if you have heard of similar experiences as mine?

    I am about to watch

    To research and learn more .

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